The Team

Dalia Librus: AIS Summer Program Director

Having a Bachelors Degree in Sports Medicine and Physical Education with a minor in Health, Dalia founded the AIS Summer Program in the summer of 2001. Prior to that Dalia coached gymnastics and swimming both at AIS and competitive sports teams in Israel and abroad. In addition, Dalia taught aerobics and English for both adults and children. Dalia attends yearly conferences of the American Camp Association, both as a speaker and an attendee, and brings new and innovative ideas and concepts to the AIS Summer Program. She’s also represented the American International School in Israel as a speaker at The MAIS Conference in Valencia, Spain in 2018.
Dalia serves as a consultant for the AIS English Enrichment Program. Under her direction, the AIS Summer Program has grown from 70 to 650 campers. During her free time, you can find Dalia walking on the beach, acting in theater and film productions and taking care of her 3 adolescent children.

Edna Koren: AIS Summer Program Assistant Director

Edna holds a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Behavioral Science. Edna
worked in the USA and at AIS as a pre-school and grade school teacher. She made Aliya from New
York with her family in 1990. For 14 years she worked as Head Counselor in a Day Camp in Long
Island, New York. Edna joined Dalia as a staff member in 2003. Outside of AIS you can find Edna at all sorts of community service activities and charities. Her hobbies include: cooking, baking, crafts, traveling and jewelry making. She has 5 children and enjoys the time she spends with her grandchildren.

Hilit Weinstein: Administrator

After obtaining an MBA from Manchester University Hilit spent several years in the Caribbean where she served as a managing director for a company in the music industry. A mother of three, Hilit followed her daughters to the AIS Summer Program and decided to stay and be part of the team that produces this amazing summer experience.

Lesley Millet: English Language Coordinator

Lesley  made Aliya in 1994 and holds a bachelor’s degree in business/economics and  a teaching certificate from Leo Beck College in London. She has been teaching in the Israeli elementary school system for fifteen years.
Lesley also teaches high school students specializing in literature and  bagrut preparation.
She is currently director of the Sunday Enrichment Program at the American International School.